After several trials, settled on using the gallery shown in these galleries. There are several options available such as the “i” which displays the caption, the double arrow to enlarge and the crossed arrows for full screen. The keyboard arrows work as well and could be quicker.

Some of these galleries use CSS, which may be a problem for anyone using the Microsoft Explorer browser. According to the internet it is very buggy in this area. Recommended that you use a browser such as Pale Moon, Cometbird, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Midori or one of the many others available.

One thing noticeable when browsing these is that the early ones show cyclists as they should be, free to choose whether a helmet is necessary, as it still is in the near continent.

Currently these are the available ones, more to be added later.

SpainFranceHollandScotland – BelgiumGermany – Ireland

and one a bit different – Veteran Cycles