Later Tours

Since the initial travels we have made repeat visits to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Scotland as well as to Luxembourg and Jersey. Several of these were for the Semaine Federale or  the International Tandem Rallies. More about these later.


Here we are on one of the Tandem Rally day tours.

Our recent trip to the The Netherlands, to give it it’s proper name, was to attend the 2016 International Tandem Rally, but we went there early to visit other areas as well. The first area we visited was south east of Nijmegen near Groesbeek which turned out to be a very interesting place in that it was one of the main areas used for the “Operation Market Garden” airborne landings. There are many display boards all over about this and they have an annual four day walk in celebration of the liberation. Also known as Little Switzerland due to the hilly terrain. The border with Germany was very close so we visited parts of it as well. Good area for cycling.

Second week we moved further south,  just north of Roermond, again great cycling area and enabled us to visit friends. Later on we found a cycling video highlighting that area and the maps shown in the video we the ones we used. We even took the ferry that appears mid-video and at the end is the campsite that we stayed at. The link to the video is on our Video page.

The third week we moved across to Chaam near Breda for the International Tandem Rally, yet again a good cycling area but some of the forest routes were a bit rough.

We also visited the 2016 National Tandem Rally in Northumbria which was more hilly than the The Netherlands,  but we managed most of them although there flatter rides out to the coast or the cycle routes along the river Tyne. The top photo was on that day at a cafe stop in Newcastle. More to come.