Summer coming

Had a visit to the North West of Scotland where we noticed quite a few doing the “North Coast 500”. Spoke to a few of the locals and learned that it was extremely popular, both with the participants and the local people who saw a big increase in the tourist trade. It is not only cycling, but very popular with motor cycling and motor home users.


We are also preparing a gallery of some of our touring in Jersey, which should be here soon. The picture above is one of us in action on one of the rides.


The York Rally 2016

We have just been to The York Rally and what a fantastic event it was. This is only the second year of the new Rally and as the first, it was a very good event. This was the weekend of June 18th-19th. There was a great turnout for the grass track racing, especially for the under 14’s, the first time I have seen so many youngsters in action.

It is back on again on the 24th-25th June 2017, all the details can be found on the link above. For anyone who likes these events, they can join The Friends of York Rally.